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The All New Brushed Stainless Steel SteakAger just delivers a superior quality steak.  In stock and shipping.

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Bottom line: We Love a Great Steak
The Secret in Great Steakhouses is Dry Aged Beef. There is simply nothing like it. It adds unmatched flavor and tenderness that marinating just can’t touch. The problem is that there has not been an affordable and safe way to do it at home, so we decided to create The SteakAger.

You don’t want to dedicate an entire fridge to aging a piece of beef (way too costly and space consuming), and you surely don’t want a NY Strip hanging out on a plate with all the other stuff in there, so the SteakAger isolates your beef, while aging it safely and perfectly. All you need to do is buy a cut of beef at your local grocery store, load it in The SteakAger, let it age, take it out and enjoy the best steak you have ever eaten.


Check out the incredible review we received from Kenji Lopez-Alt over at Seriouseats.com or watch the video above from Russ Jones Smokey Ribs Youtube Channel  to see how amazing the SteakAger is.

Lots of people want to enjoy the incredible flavor of a Dry Aged T-bone or NY Strip but due to its unavailability in the neighborhood grocery store, they can’t.   Before the SteakAger you could get dry aged beef either online for $50-$100 a pound or at a high end steakhouse for $65 a plate.

Finally here is your chance to put that second fridge in your garage or basement to work creating the best steak you have ever tasted.  Get a SteakAger and join the revolution.

Check out the Facebook SteakAger Family Page and see all the deliciousness 1000’s of SteakAgers are creating and see what you are missing.

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What Our Customers are Saying

I have been dry aging beef for over 10 years, and have used different methods ; cheese cloths, specialty bags, and several other methods. The Steakager has been the most straight forward, easy-to-use method with the least amount of maintenance I have come across. The results have been on par with quality dry aged beef that can be purchased at a specialty butcher shops. The Steakager is a foodie and steak lovers must have.
Being a professional chef, I've come to know that there are 4 things that all great chefs must have. Great ingredients, solid technique, and working equipment. These first three, any cook or chef can have or learn. But it's the fourth thing that separates a good cook from a great chef and that's imagination. The Steakager is well thought out and exquisitely designed. It came to me as a plug and play device that removed all the guesswork out of dry aging meat safely in my own home. The end result is beautifully dry aged meat that I would spend a lot of money on in a high end steakhouse. The Steakager allows my imagination to run wild discovering uses for dry aged meat beyond the Sunday afternoon BBQ.